Mobile Phone Market is Expected to go Down in 2009

The global mobile phone market will shrink 9 percent in 2009, its first decline since 2001 and with the first half set to be especially grim as economic slowdown chokes consumer spending, Strategy Analytics (SA) said.

mobilephonesThe global mobile phone market will expected to go down 9 percent in 2009. Last time it was go down in 2001. The market experts said that it is due to the current slums in economy consumer spending less on this.

“We expect the first half of 2009 to be very weak, as the industry is hit by a double whammy of slowing post-holiday shipments in developed markets and subdued demand during the normally buoyant Chinese New Year in Asia,” SA said on Friday.

The experts are expecting that 1.08 billion handsets would be sold in current year, down 1.18 billion in 2008. Before this type of fall in the mobile sell was in 2001 dipped by 6 percent since the cell phone industry began in 1983.

The economic slowdown led to the industry’s weakest showing in the fourth quarter of 2008 since October-December 2001, SA said, with shipments slumping 10 percent year-on-year to 295 million units. It was the first time SA had seen shipments in the traditionally buoyant quarter lower than the third quarter.

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