Most Awesome Flyovers Around The World

Transportation is an integral part of human civilization. It plays a pivotal role in a country’s growth. In modern times, flyovers too play an important role. A Flyover is basically a bridge-like part of a road by the upper level of a crossing of two highways. The Expressways, Bridges, Tunnels, Cloverleaf, and Flyovers all make the traveling more simple and effective. Among them, flyovers can be regarded as the jewels of the engineering world. Let us see some of the most stunning flyover constructions around the world.

Flyover in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is said to be the largest city in the world. It is rich in vivid architectural styles and it also has one of the most exciting flyovers in the world in puxi,Nanbei Elevated Roadat Yanan Middle Road.

Flyover in Chicago, Illinois

In Chicago, around 2.8 million people reside making it the largest city in Illinois. The Circle Interchange is an expressway interchange near downtown Chicago. It is also called the Spaghetti Bowl.

Flyover in Dallas,Texas, USA

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the ninth largest in the USA. Flyovers in Dallas help a lot in reducing the hectic traffic pressure on the road.

Flyover in Florida,USA

Florida is the largest city of the USA. The flyovers in the US play an important role in reducing the heavy network of road transport.

Hebbal flyover, India

Bangalore, otherwise known as the Garden city of India, has many great flyovers. One of the best flyovers in Bangalore is 5.6 km-long Hebbal flyover.

Flyover in Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the major city of California and is more vulnerable to earthquakes.

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