Most Influential People of 2012

Snigdha Sandip

Like Santiago, the shepherd boy in the book Alchemist,  says, “when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, we all have to listen to our inner calling.

As the book narrates, we have to follow our dreams without fear. Some people have shown the courage to follow their dreams and hold fast their views and ideas even in the midst of humiliation, betrayal and suffering. Ultimately they reached the top of the world and their inspiring stories have been changing many lives and motivating many others to achieve their dreams. Let us look at some of the most influential people who changed our world and inspired us to dream higher.

Barak Obama:

Barak Obama changed 200 years of history by winning theUSPresidential elections and became the first African-American president of theUnited States in the year 2008. President Obama in his years of public service proved that he can unite people for a politics of purpose. When he entered the Illinois State Senate, he cut taxes for working families – the first major ethics reform in 25 years – and expanded healthcare for more than 400 children. In order to control global warming and to limit greenhouse gas emissions he proposed new regulations on power plants, factories and oil refineries. He is a great Commander-in-chief and has successfully sent the Navy SEALs to dig out Osama bin Laden. Even though he employed various reforms, the recession and other issues hit his ratings. But even in 2012, what makes him as the favorite to win the Presidential elections is his smart, steady and trustworthy nature.

Sachin Tendulkar:

The don of modern cricket Sachin Tendulker holds the record of 100 international centuries that can never be beaten. He will be the most worshipped batsman in the world and most perfect one. His strong capabilities that make him a perfect batsman are his perfect balancing, accurate calculation and precision in stroke-making. He is the only cricketer to score the first double-century in one-day cricket. Sachin Tendulkar has the record for scoring 1,000 ODI runs in a calendar year. He had won 62 Man of the Match awards and 15 Man of the Series Awards. He is real legend as far as cricket is concerned.

Elinor Ostrom

Elinor Ostram has been awarded Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 2009 for her analysis of economic governance, especially the governance of commons like air, water and public spaces. She is the first one to receive an award on economics after 1969. Ostrom, 78, directs society to avoid misuse of shared resources through her work “”the tragedy of the commons.” She has done field studies on user-managed fish stocks, pastures, woods, lakes, and groundwater basins. Her colleagues describe her as brilliant, hard working, respectful, and humble and are of the opinion that she fully deserves such recognition.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is an American educator and founder of free online education platformKhanAcademy. The main purpose of Khan’s venture is to give free world class education to kids. He never knew when he started tutoring maths to his cousin Nadia that it would turn to be an amazing library of online lectures on math, science and a host of other subjects. The site has 3000 videos that teach children various subjects according to their own pace. It has 300,000 subscribers on You Tube. He is truly a pioneer in global education.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Sharmeen is an Oscar award-winning Pakistani-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker. She is the second Oscar winner ofPakistanwith the documentary “Saving Face” that unveils thePakistan’s acid-violence problem. She also received an Emmy for her documentary,Pakistan: Children of the Taliban in 2010. She is the first non-American to win the Livingston Award for Young Journalists. Her award winning documentary deals with the socio-political and legal status of the survivors of acid-related violence. She becomes the voice for the voiceless and stood for the marginalized suffering communities ofPakistan. As a token for her hard work and struggle for the insurmountable odds she has received over a dozen awards.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur and his ever popular social networking site Facebook makes him most influential business leaders in the world. To built support for an initial offering the company could value as much as $100 billion, and consequently the majority holder Mark will be the richest among them. Zuckerberg was named four times in Time 100 respectively, in 2009 he is named as one of the 100 influential people of the world; in 2010 as Time magazine’s Person of the Year and in 2012 he was named in “The All-Time TIME 100 of All Time”. As of 2011, he is one of the world’s youngest billionaires with an estimate of $17.5 billion.

Fatou Bensouda

Fatou Bensouda carried out different roles in her professional life like Gambian lawyer, former civil servant, international criminal law prosecutor and legal adviser. She has been the Deputy Prosecutor in charge of the Prosecutions Division of the International Criminal Court since 2004. In December 2011, she was elected by the consensus as the next Prosecutor of the ICC. Being the first African woman to assume the top job at an international tribunal, she was subjected to severe daunting challenges which she faced with an open-hearted way. This executive director of Human Rights Watch has been a leading hand in forcing government to support the right for justice.

 Maryam Durani

In a world of men, women also started their journey of independence and freedom. In this one-road struggle of women to gain a space in the cultural and social contexts some fail and other succeed. One such woman who made her voice heard in Taliban media is Maryam Durani. Maryam Durani is the owner and operator of a radio station that focus on women’s issues and is a member ofKandaharprovincial council in southernAfghanistan. Taliban is a highly orthodox state which dominates and suppresses the role of woman.  She stands up for that suppressed lot with remarkable bravery even at the risk of assassination and jail.

 Donald Sadoway

Donald Sadoway is the current John F. Elliott Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a noted expert on batteries and has done significant research on how to improve the performance and longevity of portable power sources. Even though he talks about the most uninteresting topic like batteries he has 380,000 viewers for that. That’s the power of his entertaining ability. He is on a search to produce grid-level batteries that can store power for off hours by using molten salt and liquid metal.

 Carlos Slim Helu

The world’s richest person Helu is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist. His self-made wealth of $69 billion comes from telecommunications. The 72-year-old is the chairman and chief executive of Telmex and América Móvil.

So those were are some of those who followed their dreams and achieved success with much patience and hard work. As Harriet Tubman says “Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”  So remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to change your world. Go ahead!!

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