Moto Labs Scalable Multitouch Display (Apr. 29, 2009) — Moto Labs in San Francisco on Tuesday released a new touch-screen tabletop computer display, called the Scalable Multitouch display. The multitouch technology means you can use more than one finger as an input device.

scalable-multitouch-displayThe prototype measures just 19 inches right now, but it aims to cover an entire 50-inch tabletop.

The Scalable Multitouch display is used as a group workspace where information on the screen can be manipulated by hand. The multitouch technology which means you can use more than one finger as an input device. Moto Labs provides you to use as many fingers to control the device as you want.

Moto Labs Multitouch display is different than Microsoft because it does not use cameras or projectors underneath the surface of the display to project images. By not using cameras/projectors inside its touch-screen table technology, someday can be made as thin as an LCD monitor or TV, the company says.

Moto Labs uses the same thin-wire grid technology that is used in single touch screens, but its engineers have resolved how to use it with multitouch applications.

The device also employs capacitive touch–same as the iPhone–in which a finger touching a sensor grid causes a change in signal.

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