Mozilla Unveils Prism 1.0 Beta, New Website (May 9, 2009) —About a year ago Mozilla first brought in Prism, and now they plan to release the first beta version of the web-to-desktop platform and take the wraps off Prim’s shiny, new website.

mozilaThe new updated version includes various new features, like tray icon and notification support, and application-specific settings such as fonts and proxies.

You can also choose a custom icon in the event that you’d prefer something a little nicer looking that the site’s favicon.

Prism is already in use in a number of web-to-desktop applications like Yahoo’s Zimbra mail client. Removing browser chrome elements provides a more traditional application feel their GMail inbox and helps cut down on inappropriate use.

To roll your own Prism apps, you’ll need either the Firefox extension or the Prism application. You can download both from Mozilla’s getting started page.

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