MWC 2012: McAfee announces service for mobile with SFR

Some years ago, security vendors were reluctant to pass the step towards mobile security. In a context of reconciliation between Nokia and Microsoft and an increase of Android devices, publishers do not hesitate to propose new solutions.

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, U.S. McAfee announced the release of a new service dedicated to safety. Specifically, it is a mobile security application for SFR customers in France.

Dubbed “SFR Mobile Security”, the function is supposed to protect the data in a smartphone during a theft or loss. It offers a remote backup function but also to find a mobile with an “alarm function and localization activated remotely, with display on a map.” Finally, the editor also includes a locking system and remote wipe.

Quoted rates, SFR introduced three levels of security depending on the pricing. Contact protection is free and can be freely downloaded. For 2 euros a month, the solution will secure more contacts, photos, videos, SMS and Calendar. Finally, for 5 euros per month, the publisher offers additional features and applications used to conduct conference calls and use Meeting Place.

Let me also note that this service is already available for BlackBerry, Android and Symbian.

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