Net users warned of Koobface virus particularly on social networking sites (18 Dec, 2009) — Specialists are forewarning internet users against Koobface computer virus targeting well-liked social networking sites in the run up to festive season.

koobfashIt is said that Facebook users are majorly at danger from a variant of the Koobface virus, which comes in masquerade as a Festive greetings video, hosted over the YouTube site.

The latest virus is “principally malicious” and encourages sufferers to contribute manually in creating a fresh Facebook account to assist multiply the worm. The attacks work by posting malicious links on Facebook pages.

It invites users to click on the Christmas card videos, which takes complete control of the PC to the attackers. Internet security company Panda Security has been on the tracking spree of this newest variant of the Koobface worm from its labs in Spain.

“There is no doubting that this latest Koobface attack represents a serious threat to social networkers,” Sky News quoted company’s UK managing director Peter Lautin as saying.

“If someone runs the infected file on their Facebook or MySpace page, the worm will automatically log in to their account and several other social networking sites, sending malicious messages to all their friends.

“The more people who use an application such as Facebook, or any other means of social networking, the more likely they are to be targeted by bad guys to send out malicious threats such as Koobface,” Lautin added.

The sufferer sees a caution message, asking them to resolve a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart) riddle within three minutes. A timer ticks downwards and if the puzzle goes unsettled after the fixed time, the PC freezes up.

According to the experts, rebooting the computer will not assist and the lone way to finish the loop are to decipher the Captcha puzzle.

The victim would then be capable to use their PC as usual; though, the invader would still have control.

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