New app that allow us to meet people by common interests or proximity

Introduced as the first social network where users can record video profiles as to give a real impression on him, Wonderloop is a new project aimed at those who want to find friends, business partners or potential customers.

The app and its service is centered around contacts who are able to showcase their personal interests, and the strength of Wonderloop is the ability to record profiles video up to 20 seconds maximum, and also the ability to add the profile extra information’s such as name, location or multiple tags . A point in favor of privacy is that those who want to look our profile will also have to upload their own video to access it.


If you find someone interesting , either by proximity or interest, we can send a message, bookmark it if we are interested to contact the person later or even submit one user to another user if we believe it may lead to a fruitful relationship.

For now, the goal of this network is to create a growing community made ​​up of members of various interests, locations and ages. If you want to download Wonderloop, currently in beta that you can try out by invitation but you can also download it from App store.

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