New Hybrid Database System, from Terabytes to Petabytes (Aug. 27, 2009) — Computer scientists at Yale University have developed a new database system to create an open source hybrid system called HadoopDB.

yale_logo2502Traditional approaches to manage data such as the parallel database management systems (DBMS), which are working with structured data, for instance, tables with trillions of rows of data and MapReduce, the software framework used by Google to search data contained on the Web, which gives the user more control over how the data is retrieved.

“In essence, HadoopDB is a hybrid of MapReduce and parallel DBMS technologies, it’s designed to take the best features of both worlds, we get the performance of parallel database systems with the scalability and ease of use of MapReduce.” said Daniel Abadi, assistant professor of computer science at Yale University.

HadoopDB reduces the time it takes to perform some typical tasks from days to hours, making more complicated analysis possible – the kind that could be used to find patterns in the stock market, earthquakes, consumer behavior and even outbreaks, Abadi said.

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