New Method to Harness Solar Power Even in Bad Weather Conditions (May 20, 2009) — The working of modern satellites and spacecrafts is based on entirely by solar energy. This happens because of the sun’s rays have not been filtered through the earth’s atmosphere.

harness-solarDesigner Eli Hariton has conceptualized an innovative method that will integrate modern solar technologies to solve the ever-present energy crisis.

His proposition to create solar arrays that are anywhere from 10 to 20 football fields in length and send them into orbit around the earth. Solar arrays at that proportion will be capable of producing hundreds of thousands of kilowatts per hour!

The satellites will be orbiting with the earth and will always be facing the sun, allowing for 24-hour solar absorption. These satellites will collect the energy and transmit it down to earth via microwaves to various receivers all over the world.

Don’t worry about the limited solar immersion caused by clouds, pollution or nighttime.

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