New Video Surveillance Software eliminates Huge Information Overloads (Sept. 15, 2009) — University of Adelaide has developed the new network surveillance software that will automatically integrate data from thousands of security cameras in a video surveillance network into a single sensor, eliminating existing problems with huge information overloads of airports, shopping malls and large sporting and entertainment venues around the world.

university-of-adelaideThe software is developed at the University’s Australian Centre for Visual Technologies (ACVT), and is being commercialised by Snap Network Video Surveillance Pty Ltd., a University spin-out company funded with a major investment from the Trans Tasman Commercialisation Fund (TTCF).

Today security personnel are struggling against a huge information overload, trying to spot events in video walls displaying hundreds or thousands of cameras and trying to follow the action as it moves from camera to camera.

The new technology acts as a force multiplier, saving security companies time, resources and money as well as boosting the chances of security staff spotting potentially harmful events.

Having found events of interest, staff can then perform virtual walkthroughs to investigate without risking their personal safety,” say Dr Henry Detmold, Snap’s Chief Technology Officer.

Network security monitoring is currently limited by the inability of operators to recall the relationships between more than about 40 cameras in a network.

Snap automatically finds the relationships between all the cameras in a network. This allows a single operator to follow people throughout the whole network, in real time, and is scalable to many thousands of cameras.

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