New Web Tool WolframAlpha Launches Test Run (May 17, 2009)— WolframAlpha, a Web search engine, a challenger to Google emerged on Friday.

wolfram-alpha1British-born scientist and inventor Stephen Wolfram do not call his latest invention a search engine; he describes it a “computational knowledge engine.”

Google takes a query and uses algorithms to scour the Web and return a series of links to relevant websites, while takes a query and crunches through its databases to return answers.

Wolfram said, “The basic idea of WolframAlpha is very simple, you type your input, your question and WolframAlpha produces a result.

WolframAlpha is as a ‘fact search engine’ to help people understand the degree that it’s different from Google. Google tends to point to stuff while WolframAlpha actually have some answers.

Danny Sullivan, editor-in-chief of, said WolframAlpha was not presenting itself as a rival to Google “although they want to capture the general search audience too.

“They said they’re not trying to wipe out Google but they feel they do the kinds of searches that Google doesn’t handle,” Sullivan said. “If you’re trying to get facts this might be a handy kind of encyclopedia for you.”

WolframAlpha doesn’t have answers to everything that you might try. So you tend to get sort of a dissatisfied feeling if you’ve done your search and it comes up with nothing for you.

Another problem with WolframAlpha may revolve around sourcing. Anytime you do a search they’ll tell you where the data has come from and where they’re pulling it from. “But, you know, sources from all sorts of places can be wrong.

So there will still be that issue where some people may feel like ‘Hmm.

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