Next iPod Touch may be Extremely Wireless (Apr. 7, 2009) — Now music lovers will be thrilled with joy to see the new features available on the next generation of the iPod and iPhone.

ipod-touch-with-bluetoothThe high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as FM radio transmission, the combination of stereo Bluetooth, improved Wi-Fi speeds, and short-range FM transmission, are compelling and competitive features on a phone.

As for Wi-Fi speeds, the current iPhone and iPod Touch models support 802.11a networks (5GHz), or 802.11b/g networks (2.4GHz), which are becoming increasingly common on portable devices (Zune, PSP). Apple already includes 802.11n support on its Macbooks and AirPort Base Stations, so it’s a natural move to add it to the iPhone and Touch.

If the iPod Touch is really to become the mobile-gaming platform Apple wants it to be, the boost in Wi-Fi speeds may open up some interesting gaming possibilities. Specifically, online multiplayer games may become more viable, as actions between players would be communicated with less latency.

Online video streaming and downloads will also benefit from the possible increase in Wi-Fi speed. Common gripes such as download speed, video quality, and streaming bandwidth would all be eased with a little 802.11n thrown in the mix.

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