The new Nexus 7 can be harbinger of a tech trend

Google Nexus 7-Tablet

Are tablets going to take the place of notebook PCs soon? Well, with what’s found in the NPD Display Search forecast report, that well could be the trend. So now tablets like Google’s Nexus 7 could be the forerunner of that wave to come. Further, Google just might be eyeing the pie for a greater market share, snatching away some share of the Kindle Fire or the Nook or of others too. It’s an amazing execution of an inexpensive tablet, that will jitter the competition. Another introduction is the reasonably inexpensive Archos 97 Carbon, running on Android 4.0 (The Ice Cream Sandwich). Microsoft too has announced the arrival of their tablet, called the Surface, the first PC of their own. A unique thin cover which doubles as keyboard has been featured on it, when introduced on June-18. Maybe Microsoft too has foreseen something of this wave! Everyone inadvertently likes a share of the big Apple pie. Tablets are becoming increasingly popular, versatile, powerful and maybe even cheaper. Google and Microsoft have focused now on conjuring up own products that integrate hardware with software seamlessly, cohesively.

Power at what Price?

The Nexus7 has been priced inexpensively. Google seems to be working on a concept of hooking in a bigger customer base with a low pricing strategy. The tablet is being priced at $199, and is made by Asus. So, such hi-power tablets are seen to be a strong contender to replace the notebook PCs, owing to the hi-tech multi-core chips with great computing power inside and relatively easy connectivity that accesses the cloud. The Nexus 7 is powered by a 1.2Ghz quad-core chip which is Nvidia Tegra-3 T30L, with 1 GB of DDR3 memory. The batteries are good, as they have lasted 10+ hours on video playback.

What’s in this tablet

Nexus 7 Android jelly bean

What makes the Nexus 7 versatile is that Google has put in their latest Android Jelly Bean OS inside to make it perform like Butter! Project Butter is what Google calls its effort to bring out a delightfully smooth UI experience on this tablet. It’s faster and smoother than ever on its 7” screen. The Google Nexus 7 is made with the live-in-the-cloud philosophy. It’s made for Google Play. Even Amazon likes us to stream content from the cloud. With this tablet you can work with high resolution images and high definition videos. It has most of the things right for an Android device. It takes a little more time to recharge though. The tablet has high quality construction and is lightweight at 0.75 pounds. One-hand operability is good like an e-reader, balanced and handy. At the bottom side of the bezel can be found the Headphone jack and Micro-USB port. At the bottom left there is a 4-pin connector for the dock. It has a 1.2 front facing camera, has NFC and the screen front gets Corning glass. The fused front screen display has 216 pixels per inch, 170 ppi density and 1280×800 resolution. All this specs give impressive text reproduction and image resolution.

The tablet is WiFi dependant for its connectivity, which in real world usage could be a hindrance. The absence of a memory card slot however gives it no room to grow, unlike most other Androids. It’s resident 8GB or 16GB memory could restrict it from better usability for an intense geek. On most benchmarks this tablet can perform better than many of the other Androids. The clean design reflects on the Android 4.1 Home Screen onwards. It comes with lots of interface tweaks and a portrait orientation. A microphone fixed on the tablet initiates Voice Searches.

We have to wait and watch how such “tablets on steroids” get preference by consumers in the coming months, as the Nexus 7 hits the shops. Maybe it could happen sooner, given the way technology is advancing and perspectives changing. Smartphones made the first move years back.

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