Ning Launches Ning Apps with 90 New OpenSocial Apps (Sept. 11, 2009) — Ning, the popular online service that lets you build your own social network, launched a platform that gives users embed more than 90 apps and widgets for things like donation collections or ticket sales.

ning_logo_Since the platform launched in Oct. 2005, it’s seen explosive growth in the quantity and quality of networks created using their hosted social networking platform.

Ning added basic OpenSocial support to its service last year. At that time, it only supported 30 app and users could only add OpenSocial applications to their own profiles but could not publish them on their network sites.

Now Ning embed these apps and make it usable on custom social network. The apps let users to sell merchandise from Sellit, Ticketmaster or LiveNation apps to sell tickets and Qik to stream mobile video.

Similarly, it also allows users the BlogTalk Radio app to host a live radio show or PollDaddy to gauge member interests, as well as WordPress apps to display blog posts and a Ustream app for live video streaming.

The platform gives its 1.5 million users even more customization options for their online social communities.

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