Nokia observe the “dynamic” of the tablet market

The presence of Nokia’s at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona could almost go unnoticed. The company has introduced two smartphones entry and mid-range (Lumia 520 and 720), and two new Asha for emerging markets. Although both Windows Phone 8 features are not that fascinating, it have a 1 GHz dual-heart processor, 512 MB RAM and a 800 x 480 resolution. However one of the interesting points is the price ranging from 199 to 349 euros.

But what about tablets? On several occasions we seen leaks from Nokia that work was underway. In an interview with The Verge, Stephen Elop reiterated once again that Nokia was watching the market, including everything that surrounds the Microsoft Surface. The manufacturer will seek in particular to establish the “dynamic” that make up this competitive market.

The Verge do not hesitate to ask Elop if Nokia feels “betrayed” by Microsoft and its surge in worldwide hardware with the tablet surface, especially with an obvious effort in the field of design. The CEO believes that Nokia is strong enough to fight almost any competitor. And when it comes to the question about the tablet, Stephen Elop confirms that “there is definitely an opportunity” for Nokia.

Elop will then continue the relationship with Microsoft, including asserting that there is no regret about the choice of Windows Phone. The firm is obviously very proud of its Lumia 920 line, but the demands of users will go in the direction of lower prices. For this reason the CEO told us that the Lumia 520 and 720 were designed for this reason.

While Nokia seems to insist to say that everything goes well, our colleagues highlight an interesting point. It may be good time that the Nokia takes the time to design a tablet that will stand out from its competition. On the other hand, Nokia expects more and their expectations are high.

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