Nokia Readies Its Own App Store with 20,000 Titles (May 9, 2009) —The Finnish company, Nokia is prepping its long-awaited application store, which is called the Ovi Store for mobile devices at the end of May.

nokia-appsNow the company will try to emulate Apple’s success — only with more than 20,000 titles at launch.

The expected Ovi Store will debut with a large catalog of items, unlike Apple, RIM and Google, whose stores launched with a few hundred apps and a few dozen respectively. At the moment, Apple’s App Store has just counted 40,000 applications since its launch ten months ago, according to reports today.

The store will contain 20,000 titles — which means that only a fraction of those will be applications, the rest being multimedia content such as short videos, audio files, and other entertainment clips.

Nokia’s Ovi Store will be preloaded on the N97 model, the company’s upcoming flagship model featuring a touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard. The store will also come on future phones. Current Nokia phone users will be able to download the Ovi Store app online and load it on their handsets.

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