Nokia Unveils its Cheapest 3G phone (May 19, 2009) — Nokia brought out the three new cell phone models, 2730 Classic and 7020 and 2720 Fold models.

3g-phoneIts new 2730 Classic is the cheapest 3G phone up to now from the world’s top handset maker.

Nokia’s new 2730 Classic is expected to retail for 80 euros ($108), excluding taxes and operator subsidies, its 7020 and 2720 Fold models, which would sell for 90 and 55 euros, respectively.

The new 3G handset, with Nokia’s traditional candybar design, is targeted at entry-level prepaid users in both developing and developed markets.

By this wide offer Nokia has kept it ahead of its main rivals like Samsung Electronics, but the Finnish firm has lost market share at the top end of the market to rivals like Apple and Research in Motion.

“We knew already that Nokia can do affordable devices. What we need to see is what it can do in the high end and how margins are going to develop if it continues to push into the low end,” Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi said.

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