Nokia’s N5800 touch screen phone launches – Is it an iPhone beater?

Ever since Apple changed mobiles forever with the launch of its iPhone, the rest of the industry has been playing catch up.

nokia-tube-n5800-xpressmusic-touchscreenIn this competition of the i-phone now the biggest rivals in the market, Nokia claims that they have done a product in the competition of the i-phone. Nokia released on 23 January, it’s N5800 XpressMusic is the company’s first touch screen mobile phone.

The cost of this Nokia mobile is £100 less than the iPhone, it may be start price war. The important question is its performance in comparison to the iPhone.

Screen size

Style wise the N5800 is slightly thicker than its rival and has a smaller screen – 3.2 inches compared to 3.5 for the iPhone. You can view picture, go on the internet and connect to any wi-fi that’s available in this. The N5800 has got 8G of memory, meaning it can hold around 6000 songs. It is also good as music player by both way either headphone or it’s speaker.

Pointer pen

Although it uses similar touch technology to the iPhone, the N5800 comes with a plastic pointer pen that makes it easier to use than just with fingers. But the pen takes away from the whole point of having a touch-sensitive screen.

So by all the review we can expect that N5800 is a good phone and cheaper than the iPhone. But iPhone is good for it’s bigger screen.

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