Let’s Get Non-verbal Cues to Email, Phone Calls

Technology.am (Apr. 18, 2009) — In digital communication there is no facility of face-to-face conversation because it cannot communicate the non-verbal cues and contextual information that are so important to us all. But now it is possible.

non-verbal-phoneThe PASION project, an EU-funded research effort, has developed a suite of tools to add non-verbal cues to email, phone calls, chats and other channels of electronic communication.

And even more remarkable than the technological advance are the applications that the technology enables, including new kinds of online gaming, new forms of groupware, even tele-psychiatry.

One of the most compelling applications is “augmented social networking”. Over the last couple of years, services like Facebook or MySpace have been growing enormously but there are still things they can’t do.

The tools PASION is developing offer new ways of showing your friends where you are, what you’re doing, how you feel; new ways of looking at your friends list, new ways of communicating.

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