Novo-G supercomputer fastest of its type in world, becomes operational (July 24, 2009) — A Novo-G supercomputer, the most powerful computer of its kind in the world became operational at the University of Florida. The Novo means “make anew,” and G means “genesis.”

supercomputerA “reconfigurable” computer, it can rearrange its internal circuitry to suit the task at hand. It can rearrange their internal circuitry like Lego blocks, creating the most appropriate architecture for each assignment. As a result, a reconfigurable computer can be from 10 to 100 times faster than other computers its size while using five to 10 times less energy.

Applications range from space satellites to research supercomputers — anywhere size, energy and high speed are important, said Alan George, director of UF’s National Science Foundation Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing.

Traditional computers use so-called “fixed logic devices” to perform a large variety of tasks. But this jack-of-all-trades approach requires a substantial amount of overhead in space and energy, no matter what work needs to be done.

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