Trade Body: PC Sales in India Staying Put

Even with better models and better features PC sales are still the same as they were this time in the last fiscal year. The total amount sold were an estimated 7.3 million. This is the estimated total of sales for the past 2 years.


Unfortunately this is because of the recession and it seems many companies and manufacturers are suffering.

In the Indian computing market growth of sales fell flat in the last 3 months of last year and there doesn’t seem to be any change on the horizon. Things are going from bad to worse for many companies.

From the periods April to September in 2008 sales of the pc were up by a massive 3.7 million, figures show that this was over 10% more than the previous year.

The biggest sales were for desktop computers while notebook/laptops were the second most popular product. Unbranded pc’s are now the buyer’s favorite simply because of lower prices, unfortunately Indian manufacturers cannot match those prices.

It is thought that the mobile phone industry is still making its money in India even though Pc sales have come to a standstill. Nearly 10million people are getting new contracts every month. This is obviously because payments are on a monthly basis rather than a bulk sum.

It seems that people are trying to spend wisely to try and get through this recession if it continues sales will continue to hit an all time low.

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