Pentagon Spends Over $100 Million on Cyberattack Cleanup (Apr. 8, 2009) — The Pentagon spent over $100 million in the past six months to repair damage from cyber attacks and other network issues, military leaders said on Tuesday.

pentagonThe Pentagon has admitted that its vast computer network is scanned or probed by outsiders millions of times each day. Last year a cyber attack forced the Defense Department to take up to 1,500 computers off line. And last fall the Defense Department banned the use of external computer flash drives because of a virus threat officials detected on the Pentagon networks.

According to Army Brig. Gen. John Davis, deputy commander for network operations, the money was spent on manpower, computer technology and contractors hired to clean up after both external probes and internal mistakes. Strategic Command is responsible for protecting and monitoring the military’s information grid, as well as coordinating any offensive cyber warfare on behalf of the U.S.

Speaking to reporters, the military leaders said the U.S. needs to invest more money in the military’s computer capabilities, rather than pouring millions into repairs.

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