Planned Florida City Aims for Solar Self-Sufficiency (Apr. 10, 2009) — Florida Power & Light will spend $350 million to build one of the world’s largest 75-megawatt photovoltaic solar plant, at Babcock Ranch, near Fort Myers, the company announced on Thursday.

florida-solar-cityThe developers, Kitson & Partners, hope that Babcock Ranch will be the world’s first city to get all its energy from renewable solar energy.

“The FPL solar plant will be inside Babcock Ranch. Along with solar panels on the roofs of buildings citywide, it will be a revolutionary leap forward in clean energy for an urban area,” said Syd Kitson, CEO of Kitson & Partners, in a statement.

The Sierra Club’s national clean-energy representative and the World Wildlife Fund support the project and hope that it will influence other U.S. cities.

Babcock Ranch will be wireless-enabled using an ultrahigh-capacity “digital pipeline” that will support the use of current and emerging technologies, plus clean-tech efforts, according to press materials.

“Electric vehicles, able to plug in for recharge at convenient community-wide recharging stations, will glide along avenues beneath the glow of solar-powered street lamps.” Kitson & Partners said.

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