Podcast: Symantec warns to stay away from Fraudulent security software

Technology.am (Oct 19, 2009) — If anyone of you has ever come across a pop-up message warning you about the PC being infected, then it could surely be an advertisement for fraudulent software which shall only harm your PC rather than helping it.

Symantec SecuritySymantec just issued a report stating that the company had “detected about 250 individual rogue security software programs”. Such scams easily convince users about their PCs being infected and offer software for buying which could solve this problem. However, instead of getting rid of the security threats, it could create them by installation of malicious code which could allow rogues to control the victim’s computer. Additionally, a user who offers credit card number to purchase software shall not only buy the software but also provide credit card information to rogues who can misuse it or in turn sell it to others criminals.

“Security Software” sounds very legitimate and might even quote reviews which seem to be from authentic and original sources.

In a podcast interview, vice president of Symantec Security Vince Weafer warned users to not respond to such security messages which appear as pop-ups or on websites, particularly if they appear like a hard-shell. Rather, depend upon legitimate security software, in case of doubts. Symantec and other legitimate security companies offer free scanners which could tell you if you have any kind of infections. Even Microsoft now offers its free Security Essentials which could detect and fix a lot of security threats.

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