Presidential Super-Secure BlackBerry Coming Soon (Apr. 25, 2009) —President Obama will soon receive his super-secure BlackBerry phone.

The presidential BlackBerry 8830 is in the final phase of its development by the National Security Agency, which is testing the encryption software to ensure that it’s up to the mark.

The Genesis Key Company developed the software called SecureVoice that will be used in BlackBerry. Research In Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, has also took part in development. The software, which works on any BlackBerry 8830, will be installed on devices used by top officials and first lady Michelle Obama.

Specifically, President Obama wants to attach his existing BlackBerry to a security device called a Sectera Edge, made by General Dynamics.

But the new software will only allow President Obama to communicate with other people who have devices running the same encryption software.

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