Qooq recipe and cooking tablet PC released for only French speakers

Technology.am (Oct 29, 2009) — Cooking tablets and recipe readers have been quite restricted (and not very high-quality) in the past however this one seems to be exceptionally hopeful.


Known as the Qooq, the 10.2-incher prides itself- in addition to a group of recipes, naturally – absolute and wonderful food prep videos, instructions and recommendation on choosing ingredients, shopping lists, meal planners; all which can be updated monthly by means of a subscription service.

As per the specifications, one would notice a glass touch screen, Ethernet and USB ports, an SD slot, Wi-Fi, and an included stand. The traditional UI looks pretty eye-catching; however there are a few drawbacks. The Qooq does not have a browser (although it’s got built-in weather conditions, digital photo viewing, and internet radio applications), and it’s just available for French language speakers for at the moment. If you do converse in the language of love, you be capable of acquiring one of these puppies for about €349 (about $513), with the subscription service operating an extra of €12.95 a month (about $19).

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