Intel Lets Facebook Users Focus Computer Power on Research (Aug. 6, 2009) — Intel launched new software app that allows Facebook users devote spare computer processing power to researching diseases or climate change.

intel imageIntel teamed with nonprofit group GridRepublic to create a “Progress Thru Processors” app based on Faceboook’s operating platform to save the world in fighting for disease or climate change.

The app enables Facebook users to allot idle computing power to work on a project for Rosetta@home for cancer, HIV/AIDS and other diseases; for understanding climate change, and Africa@home to seek cures for spreading malaria.

“Progress Thru Processors underscores our belief that small contributions made by individuals can collectively have a far-reaching impact on our world,” Intel said.

“We‘re optimistic that the combination of the Facebook platform and Intel’s global reach will help bring large numbers of new people into volunteer computing, enabling research and discovery which would otherwise be impossible.” said GridRepublic executive director Matt Blumberg.

Intel’s software program is designed to run unnoticed as a background process on computers, according to Intel. A test version of the app was launched online at

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