Review: Employee Smartphone Monitoring App XNSPY

Workplace related monitoring is a norm now. What if I tell you that as an employer, you don’t need to monitor every gadget that your employee is connected to? Spy cell phone of your employees with the ultimate smartphone monitoring app XNSPY and see how all of your monitoring worries will fade away in thin air.

For the app to work, you will be required to install it in the company-provided phones of your employees. After installation, data will start to upload onto the cloud server of the software, which can then be accessed by logging into your XNSPY account. With XNSPY, your workplace ambience will experience many positive changes.

Productivity Gains

Your employees will be carefulwith spending time on their smartphones. With XNSPY, you can track SMS and Instant messaging conversations from Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and iMessage. The smartphone monitoring app will make sure that office hours are devoted solely for work and not for mobile games and chit chats. Eventually, you will see rising profitability and better prospects. Also with internet browsing history monitoring, productivity will also rise (when employees will refrain from surfing useless stuff).

Review: Employee Smartphone Monitoring App XNSPY

Better Workplace Environment

There will be lesser chances of workplace harassment and bullying with XNSPY, when you will monitoring your employees’ phones. Because, it’s Cyber bullying era and most of it is done using our smartphones. Employers can also make sure that none of their employees are sexually harassed at the office.

Increased Efficiency

With XNSPY, you can get to the core of every employee problem. This way you can solve problems in a swift and more efficient manner. For example, if an employee was not able to convey something to you personally but you got to know about it by reading through their conversations, you can solve problems in a better fashion.

A Look at Some Features of XNSPY

Employers can track phone logs of calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, calendar entries and phonebooks. IM monitoring also lets you view shared media files like photos, videos and audios. To track employees’ real-time location, XNSPY offers GPS tracking services, which cannot only locate address but also create geo-fences. The Watchlist feature provides alerts for Watchlist contacts, words and locations (use geo-fencing) onto the XNSPY server.

XNSPYspy cell phone app offers 30+ features. To know more about the product visit XNSPY’s website.

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