Review on Acer Aspire Z5610 (Dec 14, 2009) — Acer’s $899 Aspire Z5610 makes life dreadfully complicated for its sub-$1,000 all-in-one competition. The reason is that its 23-inch LCD is the prevalent in this price range by far, to the point where it even encroaches on price of Apple’s 21.5-inch $1,199 iMac. Acer requires a a small number of sacrifices for so much screen real estate, a weak hard drive, such as, but nothing so awful that they obstruct overall functionality. It is recommended it to any person who wants an all-in-one for general productivity, or video and still-image consumption.

acer-aspire-z5610Strength: Largest screen amongst sub-$1,000 all-in-ones; better-than-average ATI graphics chip enables smooth HD video playback which may be downloaded or streamed-only because of the need of a Blu-ray drive.

Weakness: Disorganized design; undersized 320GB hard drive.

The bottom line: You could say that the Acer Aspire Z5610 has a small number of flaws, but it may be more precise to call them sacrifices. After all, one doesn’t expect that Acer could sell a 23-inch all-in-one for below $1,000 without trimming a few costs. Luckily, Acer chose its trade-offs intelligently. You can find faster, better-looking all-in-ones out there, but none that present this much screen real estate for such an aggressive price.

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