Review on Apple iPhone 3GS (Jan 04, 2010) — It would be simple to dismiss the Apple iPhone 3GS as an unimportant hardware upgrade. However to do so would undervalue how much, jointly, the phone’s latest features enhance the iPhone experience. With the iPhone 3GS, Apple solidifies its leadership position in a packed Smartphone setting.

apple-iphone-blackOn the exteriors, the iPhone 3GS ($299 for 32GB, or $199 for 16GB, with a two-year AT&T contract, as of 6/22/09) looks and feels practically indistinguishable to the existing iPhone 3G (now $99 for 8GB with a two-year AT&T contract).

However in the interior of the iPhone 3GS has been completely redesigned, with fresh core components (CPU, memory, integrated compass, video recorder) in diverse locations, no less. Apple has played down the upgraded component specs on the iPhone 3GS; instead, the company just promised evidently quicker performance. And the 3GS, with its CPU boosted (to 600MHz, from the iPhone 3G’s 412MHz CPU) and its memory doubled (to 256MB), certainly delivers a clearly zippier user experience compared with the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G.

Ahead of the performance boost, the iPhone 3GS features a particularly enhanced imaging experience that ranks high amongst the hardware upgrades built into the iPhone 3GS handset. The camera hops from 2 to 3 megapixels, a greeting if reasonable increase that makes the phone’s camera rather more practical for on-the-go snaps.

Voice dialing is somewhat universal, and has been for years. This is an apparently fundamental feature on which the iPhone 3GS is playing catch-up. However, at least it goes more by providing a variety of voice controls for both dialing and music playback.

The iPhone 3GS has the similar 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display as its precursor. The display still looks striking, displaying images at 320-by-480-pixel resolution.

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