Review on HP TouchSmart 300 All-in-One PC (Dec 27, 2009) — HP is no outsider to the all-in-one marketplace, having churned out a number of multitouch-capable machines below the TouchSmart line. However at $930 (as of 12/23/2009), the HP TouchSmart 300 occupies a rather unusual niche.

hp-touchsmart-300At 20 inches, it’s a bit undersized to provide as your primary media center, although it costs over equally sized budget all-in-one PCs (20 inches or smaller). It in addition outperforms them all, scoring 98 on the WorldBench 6 test suite. This places the TouchSmart 300 well in front of touch-enabled, budget-priced competitors similar to the 20-inch MSI Wind Top AE2010 (60), and tantalizingly close to pricier rivals like the 24-inch Sony Vaio L117FX/B (105). It in addition scored somewhat higher than its larger sibling, the 23-inch HP TouchSmart 600 (92).

The star of the show is HP’s custom TouchSmart software. It offers full-screen, touch-friendly widgets for media playback, browsing, and manipulating photos, and for accessing admired Web applications like Hulu, Pandora, and Twitter. But even as the software is characteristically quite receptive, the performance on the TouchSmart 300 is a bit lethargic.


1. HDTV tuner
2. Enormous general performance


1. Slow custom software
2. Pathetic graphics performance

Bottom Line

TouchSmart style and design shines, however slow custom software and small screen size obstruct an otherwise solid package.

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