Review on LG Shine II (AT&T) (Dec 15, 2009) — The LG Shine II is in fact the third handset in the Shine series that has been reviewed. The first model, the Shine KE970, was an unlocked phone that we saw in 2007. It presented a bright display and a unique navigation array; however it was not worth the unlocked price of $575. The second handset, the Shine CU720, debuted with AT&T. Although its keypad or controls weren’t something to be crazy or fascinated about, we enjoyed the phone, chiefly at its contract price of $149.

att-lg-shine2That brings us to the Shine II, also known as the GD710. Also for AT&T, the Shine II takes after its predecessors by sporting a shiny metal exterior and a midrange multimedia feature set. Regrettably, it too suffers from a few of the drawbacks of the CU720. For example, though it sports a special design for the navigation array, it remained hard to use. Performance was unpredictable, though the phone feels solid. You can get it for $119 with a two-year agreement and after a $50 mail-in rebate. The price without a service contract is $269.

Strength: The LG Shine II has an eye-catching, sturdy design and a bright display. The feature set is functional, streaming-video quality is marvelous, and the speakerphone is loud.

Weakness: The LG Shine II’s controls and keypad aren’t very spontaneous and the signal strength was to some extent inconsistent.

The bottom line: The LG Shine II isn’t a top-quality performer, but its sturdy metal build and broad feature set will catch the attention of some people.

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