Review on Nokia N900 (Dec 14, 2009) — The Nokia N900 is the next development of the company’s Internet Table, and don’t allow its smaller size trick you. It delivers more supremacy, adds phone capabilities, and has one of most tough mobile Web browsers on the market at the moment. It in addition runs on the Linux-based Maemo platform, which offers enormous customization options and multitasking abilities but has yet to live up to its complete possibilities. The N900 feels unfinished with its restricted Exchange support and an app store that has yet to go live. Also, the user interface is unbelievably unintuitive, making it annoying to use at times. Like mentioned, there’s abundance of potential there, but for now, the N900 is most likely best for tech enthusiasts or early adopters, while those after an everyday, more mainstream Smartphone should stick with the present crop of favorites. The Nokia N900 is available unlocked for $569, though you might be capable to find it for less online.

nokia-n900Strength: The Nokia N900 offers a dominant mobile Web browser, ample storage, a 5-megapixel camera, and an ultra sharp display. It’s in addition fast, multitasks well, and has outstanding call quality. Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS are all onboard.

Weakness: The user interface isn’t very spontaneous. Ovi Store for the N900 isn’t live yet, restraining the number of available apps, and it doesn’t sync with Exchanger Server 2003. The phone is a bit bulky and not all apps work in portrait mode.

The bottom line: While it has yet to attain its complete potential, the Nokia N900 is a powerful mobile device with outstanding browsing capabilities and vast customization options. Nevertheless, its unintuitive interface and other limitations make this a Smartphone for tech enthusiasts and early adopters only.

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