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If you regularly shop online and tend to visit websites whose security features are something, you cannot completely trust, then the safest option is to keep your real IP address hidden and data encrypted at all times. You could either hire a cyber-security consultant for this or install some high end infrastructure at your end to keep your computer’s security up to date or simply, sign up for CactusVPN and enjoy its advantages.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) aids in keeping your identity safe from hackers trolling the internet, by keeping it hidden at all times. Since an IP address is something that every computer on the internet must have, a VPN provides you with an alternate IP address to continue doing your work anonymously. CactusVPN, is one such VPN provider, available who can protect your identity on the internet since when you use this software, all websites can see is CactusVPN’s servers and IP address.


An added advantage of using a VPN is the added layer of security that comes along with this network. Unlike the internet, a VPN uses virtual tunnelling protocols so that all the data sent through them is encrypted and not easy to tap into. So, if you are caught in a situation, where you have an easily public Wi-Fi hotspot and you need to make a credit card transaction urgently, you can simply using CactusVPN and securely make your payments. No hacker can listen into this information you are trying to send and you can rest assured that details of your e-money are also safe.

Have often do you come across a message while surfing the internet that a particular bit of content is not available due to your geographic location? Many websites have now adopted strict measures in order to follow copyright policies or simply reduce the load on their own servers by allowing only their target audiences through? CactusVPN also offers an additional service called Smart DNS that takes away this geo-restriction when you need to access specific content. If you have attempted to watch a movie on Netflix or a documentary on the BBC iPlayer and have been blocked out before, with CactusVPN you will face no such issue. Rather, users have successfully been able to access 131 websites irrespective of their geographic location and from movies to drama series, documentaries to live football games, you will have the world of entertainment at your fingertips when your computer has the Smart DNS technology from CactusVPN.

CactusVPN was first among all VPN providers to offer SoftEther VPN protocol. Not only is this protocol open sourced, it is also faster than existing VPN protocols and provides better security measures for its users. In addition to this, CactusVPN also lets you use other protocols for data transfer such as PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN etc. With such a wide variety of transfer protocols available, you will certainly enjoy their distinct advantages when using CactusVPN or you can even instruct the software to use a particular protocol that you like at all times.

For users, who rather prefer to have content downloaded on their device than use live streaming, torrents downloads have been a blessing from heaven. But downloading torrents, too, have their share of problems, especially, since sites like Pirate Bay have been attacked by government agencies time and again. You certainly would not want to find your IP address on servers of such sites, would you? CactusVPN resolves this issue by allowing you to download torrents their Netherlands and Romania based servers and giving you complete anonymity while using torrent sites.

Downloading and installing this VPN software could not be easier. You can simply visit the Downloads and choose the software that matches your device. Just Run the Installer and your VPN is ready to use. A striking feature of CactusVPN is the App Killer feature that simply stops using software when the VPN connection is not stable and resumes it when restored and requires no intervention from your side. Even selecting servers is just a click away and you can create a VPN of your choice in seconds.

This festive season CactusVPN is offering some great offers for its users. You could get up to 80% off as a part of Christmas promotion on your monthly billing cycles, means you can get the service at 1$ per month (first month) while 30% off for other cycles. Plus, there is a 24 hour free trial to help you make up your mind without any unwanted ads and any bandwidth limits. So, do give it a try and take advantage of the festive discount that CactusVPN is offering!


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  • December 21, 2014 at 9:01 am

    Using VPN can be very helpful if you know what you are doing. Plus, you should do plenty of research to find the service that is going to be the right one for you.

  • December 21, 2014 at 9:17 am

    Clearly using the service to check out online content that is reserved for certain locations is the best option for VPN. Thanks for posting these options and letting readers know about the discount.

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