Reviewed: HideIPVPN With SmartDNS

Do you get irritated with the many pop up ads that accompany free video hosting websites? Or is it the non-reliability of these sites or the broken links that are preventing you from watching your favourite show online. TV shows aired in the US or UK can take years to come to your television set or may not be aired at all. So, how do you enjoy your favourite show without getting frustrated in first place? The dummy way to do this is shift to the country where the show is aired. Or for the smarter people, there is the SmartDNS service that lets you access any video on demand from anywhere in the world.


A SmartDNS service, such as one provided by HideIPVPN, is a quick way to access content that is restricted by geographical boundaries. Websites such as Hulu, Netflix, Pandora etc. usually check the location of the user who is requesting for content to be downloaded. A proxy server is usually placed within the geographical location where content is allowed to be streamed and once content begins streaming, this proxy server re-routes content to your computer, thereby allowing you to surpass these restrictions imposed by the website and enjoy content from your home. So, you can earn your freedom from irritating pop up ads by signing up with HideIPVPN’s SmartDNS service at $4.95 a month or $38.95 for an entire year, thus saving up to 30% on this payment.

One thing to note, however, is that a SmartDNS service does not change your IP address nor is the content coming to your computer or Smart TV encrypted in any way. This basically means that your internet service provider can see what content is being sent to your computer. In case, you are looking for a more secure way to access content, you will require a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. A VPN will not only encrypt data sent from and to your computer but also give you an alternate IP address so that your activities on the internet cannot be traced back to your IP address. HideIPVPN provides this service for a price of $9.99 a month under its premium VPN offering. This fee includes a free bonus of SmartDNS service for you. So, if you would like to sign up for the VPN service, access to restricted sites comes for free!

HideIPVPN has servers in US, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Canada and guarantees you content access from all these areas. Their service is compatible with 5 commonly used data transfer protocols and allows unlimited amount of data transfer through their servers. The $9.99 a month package allows its users to switch between these servers at will, thereby allowing you access to content from all these countries’ video on demand sites. All you need to do to switch between these servers is install a small piece of software or app on your device. Once installed, you can simply choose a server by location and click on the connect button to start a secure connection. The software also has an Application Killer function that will instantly stop the applications that you are using, in case the VPN connection is suddenly lost.

HideIPVPN also allows you to use multiple devices on the same VPN connection. So you can access the VPN on your smart TV, your smartphone, a laptop or even your gaming console as long as they are all sharing the same IP. This IP is not your real IP but a random IP allotted to you by the HideIPVPN while it protects your real IP from being displayed online. The best part is that even if all the devices are being used simultaneously, the speed of your download is not impacted since HideIPVPN does not limit the bandwidth that you might be using.

The VPN service is provided with a promise of 99.9% uptime and not keeping any logs of your activity on their servers. There are no traffic limits either, so all you need to do is connect to HideIPVPN’s servers and have content from around the world at your fingertips. For those users, who would rather download the content first and watch it later rather than stream it onto their devices, the VPN also supports torrent downloads using clients such as Bit Torrent.

In case, you would like to use a VPN but are not really interested in switching servers, you can also opt for a country specific package. A US or UK VPN would cost you $5.99 a month and still let you use the country specific SmartDNS for free until the time you have an active subscription. You can save a little over $20 if you pay upfront for the whole year. HideIPVPN accepts payments via PayPal, credit cards, Yandex Money and even Bitcoins and all subscriptions have no contractual obligations and can be cancelled anytime you like. Additionally, there is a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you do not like this service, you can opt out for within a month and pay nothing. So, why not sign up today to not only watch your favourite shows but also secure your internet presence!


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