RIAA Lawyer Who Killed Grokster Picked by Obama’s DOJ

We always knew that President Barak Obama was going to surprise us and surprise us he has. Now there is an uproar in America about his choice of lawyers.

donald-verrilliEarlier this week it was announced by Mr. Donald Verrilli himself that he is now the second in command legal representative for the white house. You may remember him as the one who sued Google for the company Viacom but even more popular for being the lawyer put a stop to Grokster. He also represented the RIAA in a file sharing case.

Donald Verrilli is known as one of the copyright industries most successful lawyers. So what does this mean for copy right laws now? It now means you are unlikely to download music without being caught so get working hard because you will need the money to buy your music at full price. Peer to peer users will now be committing a crime if they continue to download music.

Well many people have now said they didn’t expect Obama to change anything for the better and say his promises were made to be broken. He may be making big mistakes for his country if he carries on employing such people. It was only a few days ago that he put a tax cheat in charge of the American tax system.

Many Americans had hoped the copy write laws would be changed, unfortunately they aren’t going to be and this could be bad news for those in the music industry.

At the end of the day those music artists need to make an income and without those laws it is unlikely they will earn much money. We certainly wouldn’t like it if someone had stolen something we had created especially if you had created something to make you.

Basically all Barak Obama is doing is ensuring the music industry is going to make its money and if that means getting the best lawyers on the job then so be it.

Many people are now questioning whether the 53% of the American public had done the right thing by voting Barak Obama in. With many of the Americans wondering now if it was the right thing to do.

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