Rose Colors and their Meanings

Rose is the symbol of eternal love. Some consider roses as the most cliched flower to give to girlfriends and wives. Flowers are the best to convey feelings, and the rose is the perfect choice to express your love to someone. There is so much you can say when you hand over a flower. A rose can simply mean gratitude and simplicity too.


Red stands for love, beauty, courage, respect and above all romantic love.

Deep Burgundy

Burgundy symbolizes unconscious beauty.


White as we all know stands for purity, innocence, silence, secrecy, reverence and humility.


Pink rose tells of appreciation, “thank you”, grace, perfect happiness, admiration, gentleness.


Yellow rose tells the tale of friendship, joy, gladness and promise of a new beginning.



Orange is a color of warmth and energy and orange roses stand for the desire and fervor that the sender feels for the recipient.


Lavender rose conveys deep adoration, majestic and opulent.



Purple roses primarily stand for enchantment. It conveys a deep magnetism and charm for the recipient.



The blue rose symbolizes mystery and ambiguity, the impossible or the unattainable. It tells you that you are extraordinarily wonderful.

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