New Computer Security Guide Can Safeguard Small Business {Oct. 9, 2009) — The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published a guide to help small businesses and organizations understand how to provide basic security for their information, systems and networks.

nistThe guide, Small Business Information Security: The Fundamentals, was authored by Richard Kissel, uses simple and clear language to walk small business owners through the important steps necessary to secure their computer systems and data.

In the guide Kissel provides 10 “absolutely necessary steps” to secure information, which includes such basics as installing firewalls, patching operating systems and applications and backing up business data, as well as controlling physical access to network components and training employees in basic security principles.

He also provides 10 potential security trouble spots to be aware of such as e-mail, social media, online banking, Web surfing and downloading software from the Internet, as well as security planning considerations.

The guide’s appendices provide assistance on identifying and prioritizing an organization’s information types, recognizing the protection an organization needs for its priority information types and estimating the potential costs of bad things happening to important business information.

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