Samsung announced its next-generation Nonvolatile Memory — PRAM (Sept. 22, 2009) — Samsung Electronics announced that it has begun producing 512-Megabit (Mb) PRAM (Phase Change Random Access Memory) a new non-volatile memory technology that features high-performance and low power consumption, which is expected to usher in the next generation of non-volatile memory technology for mobile devices.

samsungThe 512Mb PRAM can erase 64 Kilowords (KWs) in 80 milliseconds (ms), which is over 10 times faster than NOR flash memory.

In data segments of 5 Megabytes (MBs), PRAM can erase and rewrite data approximately seven times faster than NOR flash.

PRAM combines the speed of RAM for processing functions with the non-volatile characteristics of flash memory for storage.

Samsung’s first PRAM is produced using 60-nanometer class technology, the same process technology used in NOR flash production today.

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