Samsung Galaxy Line-Up Emerge as a True Competitor for Apple

We have seen a lot of attractive Android devices coming into the markets and the year 2011 is said to be the time of a real brand-war between the mobile companies. In between the tough competition, certain companies have managed to establish their reputation in the market.

We can see the Samsung Galaxy lineup as an example. Samsung was able to cross the 10 million mark in terms of sales just within 7 months after the phones’ lunch. This growth actually helped the company to sell 80 million phones in the year 2010. It was the first time in history that Samsung crossed the 80 million mark.  

The company made some interesting announcements at the CES 2011 at Las Vegas. As you might know, the company has already crafted a 4G smartphone and tablet for Verizon Wireless. They are also planning to launch a Galaxy S successor that is likely to be powered with a dual-core processor and Super AMOLED Plus display in early quarters of the year 2011.

The company also enjoys a dream run with its tablet device, the Samsung Galaxy Tab. They were able to sell 2 million units of this device within 3 months after the launch. They also introduced four new Galaxy Smartphones for first-time smartphone owners on January 26th.

After the huge success of their Android devices in recent times, the company seems to have perfect plans for the future too. Their growth rate is amazing and they even dream of becoming the largest cell phone maker in the world. Currently they are the second largest maker of cell phones in the world following Nokia.

The marketing approach of the company is also a factor for their huge success as they actually didn’t go for an exclusive contract with one particular carrier, but offered their products through all major carriers.

With the enormous growth also Samsung has not yet threatened the sales of the tech-giant Apple. But Samsung has proved to be a worthy competitor for Apple that actually enjoy a great reputation in the Smartphone and tablet market. The iconic iPhone and iPad is surely in a competition with the Galaxy line-up of Samsung.

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