Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Case First Impressions

Few days ago I ordered Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Book Jacket case with stand to replace my existing case that I found a little cumbersome. It is made of fine materials and follows precisely the shape of the tablet. The flap does not interfere with the charging socket or access to micro SD card, unlike other cases where it was necessary to remove the tablet in order to access these sockets.


At the headphone jack there is also a opening: it is extended by a small tab soft silicone split in length. Thus, the headset is plugged with the flip closed, then when you open it to use the tablet, the tongue passes the wire respecting its curve, which avoids the hairpin bend and damage. This configuration also prevents the wire to walk in front of the screen! The corners are well protected and the front of the tablet is fully visible, which is very nice.

The finish is very stylish and of good quality: the interior is “lined” with a very soft material and the outside has a grainy texture which looks a little messy, easy to wipe and scratch resistant.

The flap is rigid and can hold the tablet in landscape mode in 2 positions: slightly inclined (useful for writing text) or standing. For the first, the stability is ensured by an invisible magnet, for against the second tends to move and drop the tablet. It is difficult to make it hold up, which is really bad when you do not want to hold the tablet in hands constantly. The portrait mode is not expected, shame because I like to use my Kindle app in this position.

Overall, I am satisfied with this Galaxy Tab 2 Case that the stability of the flap is to be improved to prevent the tablet from falling constantly.

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