Samsung Incorporates E-Ink Panel Technology for Their Alias 2 Phone (May 17, 2009)— Samsung is using E-ink panel technology in the keyboard for their Alias 2 3G cell phone. E-ink panels have become very popular for e-book readers.

alias-2-phoneThe Alias 2 cell phone is the successor to Samsung’s Alias that was released in 2007. Both the Alias and Alias 2 is a dual hinge phone which makes the phone into a full keyboard when opened in landscape mode.

The problem of Samsung’s Alias was that the keys are difficult to read and it is also small. Users are confusing to use the keyboard.

Now the Alias 2 with e-ink technology allows the phone’s keypad to change according to what you’re using the phone for.

When the phone is held in vertical position the numerical keys are displayed. And when you switch the phone to the horizontal position it gives you a full QWERTY layout that can also change to numeric with symbols. Other controls, such as the navigation arrows and the soft keys, also change positions.

However, some features for the Alias 2 are similar to Samsung’s original Alias 3G phone with only a few minor additions.

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