Samsung S8300 Newest Design With TouchWiz UI

Samsung are waiting on Barcelona before we actually get a glimpse of the new Ultra touch S8300. Very few stores have had a sneak preview of the mock up. It has some amazing new features although the Wi-Fi isn’t one of them.


You do get an 8 mega pixel camera and the all new OLED touch screen HSDP and of course the all popular drag and drop widget menu. Not only that but it also features not1, not 2 but 3 separate home screens Microsoft applications. It has also comes with the all new Ultra touch UI.

I must say it’s not the thinnest touch phone to be made it measures 110+51.5+12.7mm.Its features do make up for that though and you won’t have to wait much longer as it will be featured in next week’s Mobile world congress.

Looks like the touch screen features are becoming ever so popular in the world of mobile phone manufacturing.

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