Science Museum shows off Driverless Vehicles (Aug. 11, 2009) — New driverless pod cars are being showcased at the London’s Science Museum and it is to be installed at Heathrow airport in 2010.

driverless-pod1The space-age looking Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) System can carry up to four adults and are endowed with enough space to hold your entire luggage, and the cabs are even air-conditioned so you won’t get too hot under the collar before you enter Terminal Five.
These pods are definitely for short haul, with them initially pencilled in to do a four-minute journey – ferrying passengers between Terminal Five and Heathrow’s business car park.
The PRTs are British-made, by Bristol-based firm Advanced Transport Systems and are being championed for there energy efficiency. Being battery powered they are said to be 50 per cent efficient than buses.
The ‘pod cars’ will take passengers non-stop to their destinations, cutting down on congestion and pollution. If they’re a success, we could see pod cars in cities all around the world.

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