Seagate Introduces Easy Backup for Windows PCs 28, 2009) — Seagate on Monday put in a thin backup appliance for Windows PCs that doesn’t need the user to devote much more time to the backup process beyond plugging in the device.

seagate-logoReplica communicates with a PC and draws power through a USB port. The appliance automatically stores the latest copies of everything on the desktop or laptop, including applications, operating system, e-mail, pictures, music, movies, documents, and settings. The device can back up a single PC or multiple computers.

Replica is compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The device works off of a USB 2.0 port and transfers data at 480 Mbps. The device is priced at $130 for a 250-GB model for a single PC and $200 for 500-GB version for multiple PCs.

Seagate has designed the product in such a way so that the user only has to connect a single USB cable to the PC and then click OK to the software license.

According to Seagate, the Replica backup system run behind the scenes, and it does not need other interaction with the application, If left connected to the PC, the appliance performs continuous backup without scheduling.

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