Shopshield Lets You Shop Online Without Giving Away Your Identity (Aug. 10, 2009) — Shop Shield has a smart way to protect your confidential data against criminal hackers.

shop-shieldShop Shield created by a startup called Kemesa that means “Keep Me Safe” which is launching today in an effort to prevent identity theft.

Shop Shield can stop the spread of viruses, spam, and phishing. It will automatically recognize phishing sites and stop you from logging into them or sharing information with them. All incoming messages related to transactions are also scrubbed for malware before they are forwarded on to your inbox.

The trick is to not leave a trace. Shop Shield does that by giving you a single secure login. You sign into that account and then, whenever you are visiting a web site where you want to buy something, Shop Shield will take over for you.

It will run a routine that replaces your personal and financial information with anonymous, untraceable data.

Your information can’t be stolen because it is never revealed to the web site during the online transaction. You never send your email address, passwords, phone numbers, billing information, credit card number, or even your name.

The Shop Shield Companion will automatically enter anonymous data into the fields that web sites request when you’re buying something. Shop Shield securely monitors and stores all transaction details.

The Companion can also be launched manually at any site by clicking on the Shop Shield icon in the browser tool bar.

When you log into Shop Shield on your own account, you get to see those emails to verify the transactions. A summary report tells you all the details of the transactions that are handled in your name.

Shop Shield works at nearly every web merchant and bill pay site where credit cards are accepted. You can use a one-time payment — created by Shop Shield with anonymous data just for your use — that works only once, or you can use reusable credit cards on sites that you visit frequently.

The Shop Shield service is available now for a free 60-day trial for Firefox web browser users. You can subscribe to the service for $9.99 a month. Or you can pay on a transaction basis, with transaction fees ranging from 99 cents to $1.99.

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