DALSA Introduces Next Generation Smart Camera for Single Point Machine Vision Inspection

Technology.am(Oct. 2, 2009) — DALSA Corporation introduced the BOA vision system, a highly integrated smart camera that comprises all of the elements of an industrial machine vision system. It is ideal for automated quality inspection applications and factory automation.

dalsaThe BOA is the first smart camera in its class to incorporate multiple processing engines. This enables algorithm optimization via DSP, application management via CPU, and sensor management via FPGA.

The BOA also offers truly embedded application software, which is easily set-up through a standard web browser. No software to install – no version control problems.

The ultra small BOA has been specifically designed for industry. Its 44 mm cube form factor is perfect for tight-fit applications. The IP67-rated housing means that the camera can be directly deployed in harsh, wash-down environments. This is particularly useful to meet cleanliness standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and eliminates the need for a separate, costly protective enclosure.

BOA’s small form factor and easy mounting capabilities allow it to integrate easily into existing production lines, machinery or moving equipment.

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