Smart Charger Controller to Manage Electric Grid Peak Demands (May 1, 2009) —Engineers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have developed the Smart Charger Controller to manage peak demands in the electric grid once a mass of electric vehicles hit the road.

smart-chargerThe controller uses a low-range wireless technology to communicate with the power grid and determine the best and cheapest time to recharge vehicles.

The Smart Charger Controller automatically recharges electric vehicles during times of least cost to the consumer and lower demand for power. The Controller tells an electric vehicle’s battery when to start and stop re-charging based upon existing stress in the grid.

Using the Smart Charger Controller, Electric vehicle owners can plug in their cars and forget about them, knowing they’ll get the cheapest electricity available and won’t crash the grid. It may save up to $150 a year for electric vehicle owners.

Grid Friendly™ technology inside the Smart Charger Controller senses stress conditions on the grid. When the grid says more power is needed, the controller can temporarily stop charging the vehicle until the stress subsides.

The Smart Charger Controller today will enable the new generation of electric vehicles to be “smarter” once they’re available commercially.

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