Smart Phones Can Capture, Send Ultrasound Images (Apr. 24, 2009) — Now smart phones can be used to capture and send ultrasound images.

ultrasound-smartphoneWashington University researchers have built an ultrasound device that can be plugged directly into a smart phone’s USB port.

This smart phone can capture ultrasound images of pregnant bellies and blocked carotid arteries, display them immediately on-screen, and even use the phone’s capabilities to send that data just about anywhere in the world.

Physicians believe on ultrasound imaging for everything from monitoring fetal and cardiac health to provide guidance when placing catheters and central lines.

The most apparent use of this smart phone is to provide care for people in underserved communities, any where in the world. Now cell-phone networks are fairly ubiquitous and could be used to immediately send images taken by the probe to a trained medic for interpretation.

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